Conference Vision

With the new State Drug Administration (SDA) reforms streamlining the approval process of new drugs originating overseas and the launch of biosimilar versions of mAbs by domestic companies, the structure of China’s pharmaceutical consumption will shift toward a greater market share of biological therapeutics, especially more complex molecules. China is likely to approve new gene therapy/cell therapy products in next 1-2 years, since dozens of them are already at the clinical trial stage. 

According to, China is the world-leader in terms of where gene-modified cell therapy clinical trials are conducted. Today, more than 130 companies in China are developing cell and gene therapies ranging from chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T) / T cell receptor therapy (TCR-T) and adeno-associated virus (AAV) to oncolytic virus. China has already become a hotbed for CGT development, ranking second in the world with more than 1,000 clinical trials either conducted or underway and thousands of related patents granted by the Chinese government between 2017 and 2019. 

As a premier bioinnovation and bioprocessing event in China, the 4th Annual Biologics Innovation and Frontier Technology (BIFT) China Summit 2020 will be held on December 9-10 in Shanghai, featuring 600+ attendees and higher speaker lineup, deeper insights, and real technical case studies from leading biopharma and GCT players in China. Comprehensive topics will cover development of the next generation of new therapeutic biological products in China (antibodies, cell products, gene therapy virus products), bispecific antibodies development and CMC strategies, Antibody-Drug Conjugates development, cell line and upstream process development, viral safety and clearance of biologics, downstream processing, single-use systems, continuous production, contract manufacturing, cGMP manufacturing quality control etc. 

Join 4th Annual BIFT China 2020 with over 600+ leaders in therapeutic biologics development in China, US and EU etc to discuss the latest clinical data emerging in China focusing the mAb and novel targets beyond (ADCs, bispecifics, nanobodies..) being utilized for solid tumor indications and rare diseases. And also discuss with opinion leaders in China for the cutting edge technologies being used to automate CAR-T manufacturing for CoGs reduction and off-the-shelf novel therapy development with application of genome editing and immune regulation. 

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